SF Soft Mini 15 Empty Mop

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The SF Soft Mini 15 is a super soft-bodied empty mop with a 15mm woven tip. A smaller and softer 60 ml case ensures maximum drip control while rockin' your own favorite paint or ink and remaining perfectly pocket-friendly. We've personally been beating these on the streets before adding them to the store to ensure the quality. Although the woven tip is made for increased resistance to ripping, we still recommend use on smooth surfaces only.

  • 15mm rugged woven fuzzy-tip
  • Pocket-Sized 2oz/60ml Capacity
  • Soft LDPE for max drip control
  • Empty for use with your favorite ink/paint.
  • Compatible with all ink types**
  • High flow paints recommended
  • Comes with a random sticker! 

** Use caution with inks with xylene, brake fluid, or other harsh solvents in them. These could degrade the marker body to the point where it may break/leak over time.

WARNING: Ships separately from gear.