SF THICCBOI 15 Empty Marker

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The SF Thiccboi 15 is a purpose-built marker with a 15mm felt fiber nib. We based this on a few popular markers to make replacement parts easy to find. These are ready to fill with your own favorite paint or ink and even comes with 2 marbles so you don't have to worry about pigments settling. We've personally been running these on the streets before adding them to the store to ensure the quality. I do not have replacement nibs available in-store, Montana Acrylic 15mm nibs work in these tho!

  • 15mm "Montana Acrylic style" Felt Nib
  • REVERSE THREADED (turn right to loosen)
  • Solid-Body with roughly 1.2oz capacity 
  • Valve-Controlled flow
  • Empty for use with your favorite ink/paint.
  • Compatible with all ink types**
  • High flow Acrylic paints recommended
  • Comes with a random sticker! 

** Use caution with inks with xylene, brake fluid, or other harsh solvents in them. These could degrade the marker body to the point where it may break/leak over time.

WARNING: Ships separately from gear.