Toys and the Come Up

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Toys and the Come Up

Sup, just some thoughts…

Last week I mentioned something about maybe dropping a blog for the new cats and maybe some of you that don’t actually know half of what I’m talking about on here. Let’s get you familiar.

What the fuck is a toy? 

Toy -  Used as an adjective to describe undesirable work, or as a noun referring to a novice or incompetent writer. Graffiti writers usually use this as a derogatory term for new writers in the scene, or writers who are old to the scene and still do not have any skill or reputation. (Source)

Toy is what you are when you start, unless you have an un-natural understanding of can control and hit the ground running with some serious handstyle. There is no shame in starting out straight toy, we all did, just make sure you keep your respect through your toy stage. You will eventually link up with other cats that will help you stay inspired and progress. If you don’t progress, you stay toy, and that’s the worst thing you can do besides building a career on biting. I know cats that have wrote their whole lives to remain toy because of lack of drive. Sad.

(Garbage tag from local toy)


Now what is Biting?

Y’all the best way to learn letter structure, flow, and style is by doing your homework, kid. Stay watching the streets, BUT never take design aspects from the other writers. Inspiration is NOT the same as Imitation, word. 

“Inspiration is NOT imitation.” - me

Biting is what kids do that cant draw but want the life. They take pics from forums or mags and put that 80-100% copied shit up locally and act like they cut it. Graff is hella social since the internet bloomed and you will be caught for biting QUICK. Do your homework, son.


Okay but what should I look for in “homework”?

Depending on the type of piece, ignore the doodads, look through the frills and see:

  • Letter Layout
  • Letter Connections
  • Similarities to the Writers Handstyle
  • Color Theory (where applicable)
  • Flow/Direction of Layout
  • Size & Location
  • Think about the movement and where you think you would start and finish.

Don’t sleep on any graffiti, take note of everything. Stencils, Stickers, Marker-Tags, Sprayed-Tags, Throwies, Hollows, Pieces, Burners, etc. 

Once you have a general understanding on how letter structure and consistency in that structure is everything, you are on the right track. This doesn’t mean every tag have to be the same, but EVERY one has to be a fucking ILL tag/piece in its own respect. It’s YOUR name, don’t sleep on it, or others will.


Remain vegetarian while toy

Yo, I know this sounds crazy.. but its real. I’m not being literal here tho, eat as much meat as you want but DONT SERVE BEEF if you DONT know your place or the history of this culture. The literal worst thing you can do is start war with a local vet in the scene if all your trying to get your foot in the door. That bus will drive off with your ankle stuck in there. This culture is not the one you want to come in trying to be a hard ass if your rolling solo. Believe that. It’s all fun and games until you’re getting rode up on while painting by your self. 


Don't shit where you eat

If you live in a town of less than 20-30k people, don’t write in your own town. Small town toys get jammed up all the time because small communities care about their streets. If you want to get up, go somewhere worthwhile and learn the scene there. If you DO bomb your hometown, DONT do the old “take the buss across town and bomb on your way home”. You’re creating a roadmap to your crib after 2 paths, and believe me, the cops know. 

I can tell where this dude lives within a 2 block radius in my hometown. Don’t be toy ass “Pasta”.


Just a handful of things to think about. I have more to share, let me know if you want more of this style writing and we will have some more. 


Be smart. Be safe. 


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