Origin & Adjustments

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Origin & Adjustments

Sup, just some (sorta personal) thoughts…

My origins in graff are pretty significant although its been some time since Ive been up. I went through some years battling health issues that would have never allowed me to continue that career. Recent turn of events has allowed me a little more freedom in that avenue, but we will leave it at that lol. 

One thing I will never do with/on SF is reveal my career pseudonym. I never want my past works to connect to my business in any way. This prevents any legal issues or roadblocks for SF to fall from. This separation plan has left me with a few challenges.


1.  Letter Shock - 

Fighting the change in letters used tend to make you feel toy. It’s kinda fucked up honestly to think that I never made sure I stayed universal/versatile with the whole-ass alphabet. I wrote what I wrote and stuck with that my WHOLE. LIFE.

If you are starting out now and are somehow reading this, do alphabets and shit. Don’t get stale with your letters. Work on your connections and learn about what makes structure and flow work. NEVER stop looking for the new shit to learn and stay with that level of humble. (Maybe Ill write a “New Jack Tips” blog.)

Anyway… back to my point…

The transition to “Solid” has been wild and will only progress from here. Till then you may see a lapse in some art until I get confident enough to drop pieces that aren’t straight fire. Last thing I want to do is drop gear with toy shit on it and build a company around that. 

Be patient, the best is yet to come.

2. Style Separation

Making sure I separate the typical styles I rocked for years on my “career” work are not within my SF work is some of the hardest shit I’ve ever had to do. Ive basically had to throw out the remaining muscle memory I had left for letters and handstyle. Rolling through pages and pages of writing “Solid Fills” made me kill the Fills portion of the tag in general use. The connection of 2 L’s will always be weak, remember that. Continue cooking through hours of writing “Solid” by itself over and over. Eventually it all boiled down to what I ended up with. This took HOURS to come up with some of the most simple yet legible tags Ive ever seen, however usability is key in the apparel design arena.


3. Digital Design - 

Yo, don’t get me wrong kid, iPads are mad convenient.. BUT, these tools are NOT translated well in this art without some serious adjustment. There’s a ton of new gentrified-type cats running around with false confidence in some $4.99 aerosol brush packs and have the audacity to call kids actually getting it with real paint TOYS.

If you cant at least hit a consistent outline or hit some ill flares, you are not allowed to say toy. Do your homework, kid.

There’s some learning curve to opposite pressure maps in connection to opacity and spray width. I’m getting more comfortable with these packs now more than ever, and this level of understanding is going to produce better than ever designs.

I used to design graff gear on 23Monkeys back in the day by scanning layers and recoloring in Photoshop, y’all we got adaptive tools now to kill shit. 



I didn’t come here to make excuses, but moving forward I am working on this evolution of style and being in hopes to hit the next level of this shit. I got complacent and it’s time to shake that up to erase all creative blocks. Within the evolution process, I will be working on unlocking more projects for SF. 

Things in the future that you will see:

  • Limited Edition items (10-50 piece drops of often hand made items)
  • OGs Only perks (what’s more limited than limited?) 
    • 1 of 1 custom handmade accessories
    • Full custom SF gear
    • Deals?
  • 1 of 1 original canvas series (hand painted canvases in varying sizes)
  • Hand printed limited print shirt line. 
  • ?


Lets continue to grow on all planes.


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