Madison Visit (Aug '21)

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Madison Visit (Aug '21)

Yo sup, just some thoughts.. 

A few weeks back the homie Zed and I made a trip to Madison, WI to do some exploring and get some advertising out there. It’s been awhile since Ive been to the city for a temp check on the walls and see who’s up yet. Like a really long time.


Spillin’ around the Capitol Square and down the State Street area, I noticed a TON of Awake CMK tags. Like, old’ boy is fuckin’ EVERYWHERE. He has a small handful of slaps out but my man has literally hit 200+ doors, garbage cans, paper/mag stands, mailboxes, transformers, buildings, whatever with markers. He’s got hands too, with the variations from stylized all caps, to tags like in the pic. I was hella impressed with the versatility in marker selection and tag variation along with the saturation of the area. 

CMK is a Chicago based crew from what I gather. These cats are absolute animals in all arenas of graff, but the heavy roots in bombing is my favorite part. Do some exploring around Chi with your eyes open and you wont have any issues stumbling upon some CMK tags/pieces. (A few Instagram handles @cmkcrew / @cmk28n)

Anyway, so if Awake is from Chi, he did this fast, or in a few trips. If you ever wanted to take notes on how to bomb, even if you’re just rocking pens and markers, Awake would be your professor fr. To prep for class, if you’re a new jack in WI, hit downtown Madison and take notes.

Awake CMK, if you want to do any gear collabs, hit me up. (


Presence is everything.


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