Starting up.

Starting up.

Ladies and gents, 

It is currently 4:28 AM and I have been working on this project for roughly 13 hours today/yesterday through. I have designed all the products so far and converted all art to vector for increased format capabilities. This has been a thing I have wanted to do for many years, but I just never pulled the trigger on this... until now. 

I grew up embedding myself in a culture of street vandals and artists that opened my eyes to levels of inspiration that are almost indescribable. I literally started writing graffiti with a few of my friends in the 7th grade, and it grew with me through my whole life. However, teaching myself new flows to write completely different words than I'm used to has been an almost embarrassing challenge. To be honest though, when you spend over 17 years writing the same thing over and over... it'll get ya.

I don't dig a lot of bright colored rainbow graphic tees, so I guess we will be mostly staying away from stuff like that here. I will be making a lot of mostly clean gear that you could wear casually and be respected. I want to make products that you're comfortable to wear anywhere and let everyone know you're down with SF. 

98% of products I pick for tees/hoodies I have personally picked from working an apparel position at my day job. I stress for the quality you deserve, and the reputation I want. 

But anyway, to wrap this little blurb up.. I am going to be working on more designs weekly/bi weekly to get this store stocked with cool stuff. In the meantime I made alot of "logo gear" to get this up, but I still feel like all the gear I've dropped in here is pretty fresh. 

But seriously, thank you SO much for even checking my stuff out. It means a ton to even have you browsing the shop!